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Foreign Investors

It is estimated that foreign investment into Nicaragua has almost doubled over the past two years. It is also estimated that one-third of the total investment comes from U.S. firms and individuals. Private investment capital is flowing primarily into construction, telecommunications, agriculture, energy, mining, and tourism. 

There is a market in Nicaragua for all products and services.  Nicaragua has one of the fastest GDP growth rates in Central America. Nicaragua has, unlike many other countries, complied with prescribed IMF demands for cutting its deficit, implementing structural reforms, and maintaining overall monetary stability.

Nicaragua is in position to benefit from a high economic growth rate. The passage of several laws are specifically designed to attract and protect foreign investors.

In the last 15 tears, Nicaragua has privatized nearly all its old state owned monopolies, and has thus dramatically reduced the amount of government bureaucracy investors have to contend with when they do business in Nicaragua.

A foreign investment law ensures you can repatriate 100% of your profits and, after three years, the initial investment as well.

You'll find no legal grounds for discrimination against you when you invest. The law allows for 100% foreign ownership in every economic sector. And there are no restrictive visa or work-permit requirements to inhibit investment.

Nicaragua Realty will provide the following services through our investment consultants and banking contacts to foreign investors and foreign investment companies: 

• Contract law and negotiation of contracts
• Labor law
• Immigration law
• Industrial Free trade zones
• Privatization processes
• Bidding on Government contracts
• Mining laws, energy, and agriculture
• Advise on investment projects
• Incorporation, joint ventures, franchises, and mergers
• Trademark and Patent law
• Custody of books, corporate minutes and records of actions
• Representation of corporations and individual persons
• Negotiation in commercial disputes with arbitration and mediation

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