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The "Hunt" for Tourist.

PRESS / N. GALLEGOS The weather is nice, the freshness of the morning blanket all the people. The people of San Juan de Oriente "tempranean" because it's time to start handicrafts. It is a quiet place, its streets are clean, there is a lot of noise and it is estimated that ninety percent of the community is engaged in this work and does not leave the potteries until late afternoon. That is the portrait of this town founded in 1585. The economic engine that drives this town is ceramics, works of art out of imagination and industrious hands of the settlers. But in this place needs more activity promotion to attract more visitors, indicate some craftsmen, who are urgently concrete thrust activity. In this town is starting to walk an initiative called Cultural-Tourism Circuit to boost the economy of this place, through an agreement between the Austrian Cooperation through Inter Corporation Local Economic Development (Cidel) and Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (Intur), funded by Spain and the contribution of the municipality. "San Juan de Oriente being a municipality has great potential through the work they do their craft in its various branches, such as pre-Columbian and utility of free creation. At the international level is very famous for his works, however the tourist flow was not being a source of income, because this product is sold in other parts of the country and not in the actual place where it is made, "said Daysi Madrigal Fonseca, Office of Management and Business Promotora Cidel. He explained that the added value of this circuit is that tourists observe the process of making pottery. "In addition we sought ingredients that could link to culture. He rescued the original color of what was called white people and was made in the heart of town, it was determined that a shaft 800 linear meters would understand this circuit and facades (of houses) were going to make original colors (blank). Cidel, improved ten workshops within this axis. Workshops that they had found suitable conditions for tourists, now we have workshops with their exhibit area, they are willing to receive tourist groups, "said Madrigal. He added that further improved the facade of the Catholic Church, there were decorations in the village and were located at each corner stone sculptures. For the tourism project, budgeted an amount Cidel forty thousand dollars. "I think San Juan de Oriente will mean a clear example of how to create a product that is of benefit to the community. Here all beneficiaries are called community and notice that I think is a clear effort than can be Masaya within a destination display, "he said the official. ATTENTION ON OTHER SITES The craftsman Bismarck Ortiz believes that one of the problems that have artisans and prevents them from developing economically is the lack of a local market because producers sell to middlemen and these take the best profit. "One has been concerned with improving the urban or infrastructure projects and do not prioritize our handicrafts, which is the economic engine that drives this town, there's plenty to do, because there is enough production and talent, but no market . Note that during the recent awards for the best work in ceramics, held here with reasons for the festivities, there was little influx, therefore I say. No promotion, "he said. He said it takes technical and business advice, because many artisans "malmatan" their work for basic expenses, including payment of workers, because sometimes there is no place where to pay the right price. "Personally I am very grateful to the NGOs that have supported this town with this project. I hope that foreign buyers to deal directly with the craftsman and I hope the Government will give this project maintenance, to boot once and for all, "he said Ortiz. A warm and hospitable people The municipality of San Juan de Oriente is cooperating in this circuit with the construction of 400 linear feet of sidewalks, cleaning strengthened through more garbage cans, eight seats will be built, reforestation and improvement of municipal park representative approach artisan work in the area."We urge tourists to visit us, because we are a tourist potential where we present our culture and identity. San Juan de Oriente is a warm people, hospitable and safe.With the relaunch tourism, the objective is socio-tourism in our town. Our craft is a blessing that God our Father has given us, "said Brenda Jimenez, Mayor of this municipality. 1,300,000 Cordobas municipality is investing in the Circuit Cultural Tourism, which aims to give a better face to San Juan de Oriente to attract more visitors. From Managua to this county there are 41 kilometers.