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Nicaragua In the News

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Surfing, Water and Winds in Nicaragua

Managua, June 8 (PL) Athletes thirty countries from today will play with the water and the wind in the Nicaraguan coast to the Pacific Ocean, the scene of the eleventh edition of the World Junior Surfing Championship. For those who practice this sport with passion, the beaches of the western region are spectacular places on earth due to the wind that hits the waves in front, according to the president of the International Surfing Association (ISA), Fernando Aguerre. During a dialogue with President Daniel Ortega, Argentine lawyer said he was very excited to return to the land less than a year after the 2012 World Surf Nicaragua "that helped increase the visibility of this country as a destination surfstico". "To those who practice the surf-including his family told-is a passion that we have in life and suddenly this is a spectacular place, "said Aguerre, who has 55 years of age and from 11 surf. Nicaragua features peculiar conditions for the practice of this sport, which is slipping into a wave standing on a table, according to the expert. In most countries the waves he explained last one or two hours, or do not exist , and in this territory, by the effect of wind that goes over the side accelerates, these conditions last as long. Convinced that the sport is an engine of economic growth also, Argentine reflected on the value you can have your potential for this nation. "Nicaragua was a secret, it's like they found a new mineral mine that never ends, it only requires that we care, what have you-that no pollution and with just a little love and help it grow can serve an important part of the social fabric, "he said. Criterion shared by former Pan American Surf Association (1992-2002) is that the discipline "is a vehicle of internal economic integration, because there is no water in social, economic, or age ". "Water is a social equalizer, all of us partake in the water and enjoyed the waves and the sea, and that to me is one of the pleasures larger as president: to travel the world to bring this vehicle of brotherhood among people, "he said. One of the peculiarities of surfing is that, rather than a competitive sport, is a family time, because those who exercise almost always accompanied their families and friends. "We are like a tribe that is looking for these places and Nicaragua have found that in the past in Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and other places where there are good waves," sentenced Aguerre. Playing with the waves, as defined Ortega in an earlier meeting with the president of ISA, is what this week will the 268 accredited athletes from 30 countries, whose delegations include about 380 people including coaches, cauches, companions and others. This event will allow surfers, once again, relax and reconnect to nature in one of the most privileged countries in this part of the world for biodiversity, saying the rector of the discipline in the world. tgj / ism