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Is your garden holding back property value?

If a prospective buyer or renter would happen to walk pass your Nica-house today, or stumble upon it on the Internet, what would they see? A tropical dream with palm trees and bananas, where a flurry of hummingbirds and butterflies darts around among brightly colored hibiscus? Or a house tossed out in the middle of a clean-brushed patch of dirt, surrounded by mosquito infested puddles and the stubs of macheted down weeds?

Buying a house is often an emotional affair, and buying a vacation or relocation home even more so since this type of house is often a symbol of our hopes and dreams of “the good life”. We are often forced to pick our primary residence for practical reasons – within commuting distance to our jobs, close to a good school, etc – but when it comes to vacation and relocation homes we can give our hearts more leeway. If this is true for you, then it is true for prospective buyers and renters of your Nicaraguan property as well. That is why your entire property – not just the house – needs to elicit a positive emotional response.

You can benefit from clever garden design regardless of whether you are interested in buying, selling, renting out or simply enjoying a home in Nicaragua. Landscaping and garden design tend to come with a sizeable price tag in Europe and North America, but in Nicaragua even a very modest landscaping budget can go a long way.

Even if you aren’t in the market to sell or even rent out your Nica-house, proper garden design can still have a positive effect on your pocketbook, e.g. by reducing costs for air conditioning and watering, decrease weather damage, and make your home stay clear of unwanted attention from burglars and others on the lookout for seemingly abandoned homes.

So, what can proper garden design do for my Nicaraguan house?

• Increase property value
• Attract interest in your house from prospective buyers and renters. Remember that the exterior of your property is a 24/7 advertisement for your home, seven days a week. Also, a neglected exterior has a way of shouting "Deferred house maintenance!" to every potential buyer.
• Make your house sell faster if you decide to put it on the market
• Improve the general appearance of the property and make the entire home, not just the garden, more appealing for you and/or buyers and renters
• High-light the best aspects of your home and its surroundings, and hide the things you are less pleased with
• Keep your house and garden cooler in the tropical Nicaraguan climate by providing shade or even water-cooling features. Shade is important not only for outdoor areas such as patios but also for the house itself. A clever use of shade, water features and natural airflow can reduce the need for (and costs associated with!) air conditioning.
• Make the home feel bigger by optimizing available space and creating natural connections between indoor and outdoor areas
• Decrease the risk of costly property damage due to bad weather, e.g. by making sure that the garden can handle heavy rains without flooding your house.
• Make the home look attractive year round, not just a few months of the year
• Reduce noise levels and create a more private space
• Decrease watering costs by choosing and combining the right plants
• Decrease watering costs by making good use of free sources of water and moist
• Make your home and garden less appealing to mosquitoes, ticks and other creatures you don’t want to have around.
• Attract the creatures that you do like, such as hummingbirds, butterflies and turtles
• Give you instant access to your very own homegrown tropical fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, etc.
• Neglected outdoor areas can easily give a property a derelict vibe and attract squatters, burglars and similar. With clever garden design, only minimal upkeep is needed to make a property look well cared for year round.

Clever landscaping is one of the most cost-efficient ways of increasing property values and make a home feel more spacious and appealing, especially in tropical parts of the world where we utilize our gardens year round. In addition, unlike a new kitchen or top-notch bathroom, a nice garden is a home improvement that actually appreciates over time!


As mentioned above, even a modest landscaping budget can go a long way in Nicaragua. Nicaragualandscaping.com offer landscaping solutions that cater to your needs and pocketbook, regardless of whether your property is on the market or if you are looking to create a garden for your own enjoyment. It is for instance possible to cut costs drastically by opting for locally available plants and materials, and going for younger plants instead of large, mature ones. This does not mean that large trees and bushes have to be expensive; we can for instance arrange 15ft+ / 4.5m trees from 30 USD.

Nicaragualandscaping.com offers step-by-step landscaping as well as instant solutions involving living things like trees, bushes and flowers as well as inorganic elements such as attractive outdoor lighting and foot paths. In step-by-step landscaping, your Nica-garden is continuously enhanced over the course of several months or years. You have full control over the costs and can tailor the improvements according to your preferences and financial situation. If you instead wish to sell your property quickly or want the garden to be ready when you arrive to Nicaragua, this can also be arranged. In Nicaragua, it is possible to create a garden that looks established in a jiffy, using the right plants and suitable designs.

If you wish to learn more, please visit Nicaragualandscaping.com (http://www.nicaragualandscaping.com) or contact us at info@nicaragualandscaping.com. You can also give us a call at (+505) 87 43 23 13.