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Vacation Beach Houses In Nicaragua

The Nicaragua real estate market has been developing over the past decade and it is ready to explode in to the forefront of the foreign real estate market. Vacation homes, second homes and/or retirement homes in the beautiful country of Nicaragua are poised to be a popular buy in the coming years. With the number of people set to retire in the US, Nicaragua is going to become more and more popular.

Nicaragua is located in Central America where it is hugged by both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Historically associated with unrest, it is now associated with colorful villages, great surfing and beautiful beaches. Direct flights into Managua are available from a number of U.S. cities such as Miami and Houston. In the past five years, the tourism industry in Nicaragua has experienced wonderful growth and the country’s infrastructure such as roads has seen noticeable improvement.

Nicaragua has a great natural beauty and wonderful tourism related activities. Such activities include hiking or kayaking along fresh water lakes and rivers, world class surfing and sport fishing, volcano watching, exploring historic colonial cities, relaxing on one of the gorgeous beaches, shopping in the wonderful open air local markets or visiting a coffee plantation in the lush and green northern region.

Nicaragua has a wonderfully interesting history and culture and has excellent world class health care. Therefore it is no surprise that Nicaraguan property has become a popular purchase amongst baby boomers seeking to diversify a balanced real estate investment portfolio or looking for retirement homes or vacation homes. In addition to the other perks of owning Nicaragua real estate, you may also be eligible to receive some compelling tax incentives as an investor or developer under Nicaragua Law 306. Law 306 allows a purchaser certain attractive tax incentives for a period of10 years.

Foreigner investors are entitled to hold fee simple title to Nicaragua property in their own names. Title insurance is also available from some of the most reputable American title insurers to further ensure your peace of mind. Nicaraguan real estate is a very safe investment.

Because the Nicaragua real estate market still remains relatively undiscovered, compared to other tropical markets such as Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico, many great deals can be had. Ocean side villas are still affordable here. And when you consider that the cost of living in Nicaragua, including food and health care and services is a fraction of that in North America, the argument for buying Nicaraguan Real Estate becomes even more attractive.