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Nicaragua In the News

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Nicaragua Enjoys A Tourism Boom

In Nicaragua, tourists can be found strolling through Parque Central in the colonial city of Granada, driving to the crater of the Masaya volcano or swimming in the surf of the Pacific Ocean. Twenty years after the end of the civil war, tourism has become an every day feature in this Central American country.

Many tourists often return to Nicaragua in search of new adventures, not least of all the "Caribbean Feeling" the country provides on its quiet eastern coastline. 

León is the second largest city in Nicaragua, after Managua, and was the first Capital of Nicaragua and has many historic buildings, several universities, and is situated close to the very popular beach communities of Poneloya and Las Peñitas.  These beaches are uncrowded, natural, and have some of the best surfing spots in Nicaragua.  You can even watch turtles next on the beach during certain times of the year.

San Juan del Sur is on the Southern tip of Nicaragua and borders Costa Rica.  It has breathtaking ocean views and is a hot spot for tourism and exclusive real estate.

On Nicaragua's east coast lies the small city of Bluefields, which was founded by pirates 400 years ago.  Almost 50,000 people inhabit Bluefields which is located in the otherwise sparsely populated Atlantic region.

The Atlantic coastal area is home to a few thousand indigenous people belonging to the Miskito group of Native Americans, many of whom lead a simple life.  The trip by air from Managua 380 kilometres away takes an hour.

However, it is just another 20 minutes by plane from Bluefields to Corn Island and its sister island, Little Corn.  Both islands provide the typical Caribbean atmosphere of Reggae, rum, grilled fish, coconut palms and a sea with many blue and green hues.

The mainland city of Granada is one of the most popular destinations for travellers. Founded by the Spanish in 1524, it is situated right beside Lake Nicaragua.

The lake's large island of Ometepe is home to two of Nicaragua's 40 volcanoes.

The 1,600 metre high Concepcion is an active volcano and has erupted several times over the past few decades. Maderas is 1,400 metres high and is inactive.

Small but lively is the 635 metre high Masaya not far from the colonial city that bears the volcano's name.

While you can actually park a car right beside the crater, be careful when viewing the volcano as a sudden change in wind-direction can lead to an encounter with some very unpleasant smelling odours emanating from the ground.

Black lava stone in Masaya National Park bears witness to earlier eruptions.

Many farmers in Nicaragua are also betting on eco-tourism as a source of income.

"That will only work if the country remains peaceful," says coffee plantation owner and horse breeder Alvaro Reyes Portocarrero.

Portocarrero proudly shows off his hacienda in Nicaragua's highlands north of Matagalpa. Two women work here almost full-time breeding rain worms to make humus for the coffee plantation. 

So you can see there are many places to go and many sights to see in Nicaragua.  Send us an email or give us a call.  We will be happy to meet you and show you around our beautiful country.