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Nicaragua In the News

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Nicaragua - Best Real Estate in Latin America

In general, this is a tough time for buying and selling real estate because of recession in the global economy and the tightening of credit, however many people are still buying real estate and retiring, relocating, vacationing, or just spending part of their time in Nicaragua. Nicaragua is in our opinion the best place for buying real estate in Latin America, whether it be for retirement, a second home or investment. Of course we are somewhat biased, but below are some of our reasons based on actual facts.

The Government of Nicaragua has made it easy to become a resident in Nicaragua, which is important for a foreigner who wants to be able to live outside their home Country 365 days a year ... and the VISA laws are also good if residency is not something you want or need. We all agree that politics and the judicial system could be improved upon, but that is true anywhere in Latin America. But most people are not affected by the politics of Nicaragua and it remains a strong Democracy.

In relation to Nicaragua, other Latin American Countries have issues:

Panama is getting too expensive, traffic and noise pollution is a nightmare, the residency and VISA laws have changed for the worse, work permits are hard to get unless you are a citizen, and now crime and violence is a problem as gangs are cropping up all over Panama City because of the drug business.

Costa Rica has been too expensive for years now, roads are not in good shape, and smog in the city is a problem.

Honduras has too much crime, and Ecuador is ungodly hot and has many issues with bad infrastructure. 

Foreigners are now relocating to Nicaragua in large numbers. Businesses run by these same foreigners are popping up weekly, and many of them are thriving and still many more are needed in Nicaragua. Nicaraguans are friendly and welcome foreigners. And the prices are still reasonable.

The natural beauty of Nicaragua is no longer a secret and flights to Nicaragua are almost always booked to capacity. The roads in Nicaragua are much improved and traveling North by car to Leon from Managua has been cut in half and South to San Juan del Sur has also been shortened with the construction of brand new high speed roads.

But don't take our word for it, come and see Nicaragua for yourself. :-)