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This is approximately 11 acres of beautiful mountain side jungle land with large organic gardens. The business is the top profitable business on Ometepe Island with a large following of European and American people and has established itself as a brand name. This is a turn key business and very well known. The location is in the most visited part of the island with a large sand beach within walking distance and beautiful mountain and lake views. The climate is the best on the island due to on shore cooling breezes.

This business is 17 years old. There are 21 constructions on the property including a restaurant and bar, wood ovens for their famous bread and pizza, a yoga platform, and 10 private rooms with three dorms. There are two viewing platforms, space for tents, and full comfort house that can be either the owner house or an expensive cabin to rent.
The resort has accommodations for 50 people. The property is 300 meters above the road and so is very private and secluded. There is a restaurant, pizzeria, and dance floor with sound system. The pathways are all paved with bricks for ease in walking around the resort.
There is a farm shop down on the main road for the selling of hand crafted goods and health food. The energy is 98% solar and wind powered and all toilets are composting. There are six 12V solar refrigerator/freezers and three normal fridges 110V. There is also a grid connection to the community. The water source is from the local community as well as a well being available for use. The water has been tested and is of high quality.
The gardens are edible and have been functioning for 17 years. Fertilizers are all natural. There is a large bamboo forest with 6 different species. They are also growing organic coffee, cacao, avocados, and citrus. There are four hundred fruit trees, thousands of bananas, and much more.
There is a huge water storage system including 60,000 liters with several tanks. This property has great good will and would be easy to upgrade to a higher level of tourism.
There is an additional 7 plus acre piece above this property which can be sold along with this property. More information available on request. There are many more photos available. This is unquestionably the most profitable business on the island and is a turn key sale including all employees and equipment. The price is negotiable. A contract sale is possible with regular payments in lieu of a cash transaction.



PID: 20927602 - Active
  • Price: $450,000 - Rental: $0
  • Location:Ometepe Island
  • Beds: 10
  • Baths: 6
  • Sleeps:
  • Closed Area:
  • Open Area:
  • Total Area: 11 Acres
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